What our Customers are Saying

LC - Lake Bella Vista

After talking to Bruce, I waited three years trying to figure another way to fix the problem, I hired them, shouldn’t have waited.

MB - Grandville, MI

I didn’t get everything I originally wanted, (which was a good thing,) but they fulfilled all my landscaping desires.

WS - Kentwood, MI

Rosemont did my original landscaping when we built our house over 25 years ago.  Ten years ago, they transformed our backyard to a "go to" place to entertain friends.  Now they have added a fresh new look to my front landscape turning it into the most welcoming yard in the entire neighborhood. I couldn't be happier!

HS - Allendale, MI

The price we were quoted was what we were expecting the project to cost, but we loved his additional ideas and couldn’t wait to have it all installed.

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